Ten years ago I discovered a God-given ability to see the beauty in people’s relationships and translate it into photographs you can feel.

With a degree in English Literature from Dartmouth you’d think I’d be a Classics professor.

Instead of an academic career I went into broadcasting. For seven years I worked as an on-air TV news reporter for NBC. My stories (and baby face) appeared on the Today Show and MSNBC as well as several large local stations on the East Coast USA.

I met inspiring salt-of-the-Earth people and remarkable celebrities from Hillary Clinton to Jay-Z. I flew in helicopters, covered hostage situations, and saw firsthand the devastation caused by tornadoes and hurricanes.

Vienna, Virginia

Raleigh, North Carolina

It was a thrilling pursuit but I wasn’t totally happy. My role breaking television news wasn’t doing the world enough good to justify the tremendous lifestyle sacrifice the job requires.

I realized that the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones is worth so much more than money.

That’s when I discovered wedding photography. This medium felt very natural for me, like crafting a TV news story but with good news. I felt so strongly about it that studying the technical side of image-making at 3 A.M. was a pleasure. Plus I absolutely loved the idea of building an uplifting business doing something I believed in.

Today I've been blessed to photograph weddings in 16 states and several countries. Wherever you are, I will come and create photographs that make you feel good about your life and the people in it.

Here’s an old video of me shooting a wedding back in the early days.
It shows the roots of my style.

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